The team

The team

Talents to the 3rd power

In 2018, when Frédéric Desmet decided to create his own fiduciary, he already had the ideal team in mind: the two accountants with whom he worked some 15 years earlier. “I knew Fabienne and Jessica at my first client. We were so effective together at the time that when I launched Crystal Cube, I didn’t even have to think about it: I had to offer them to join.”


Frédéric Desmet

Certified accountant and tax expert

“I love helping my clients get organized”

In 1997, less than a year after leaving school, Frédéric Desmet understood that the status of employee did not suit him, and changed his mind. “I started as a freelance and started my internship as a chartered accountant. My internship supervisor encouraged me to work for my own clients after hours. In 1999, I obtained my diploma as an expert accountant.”

One of my first clients was a large company that needed someone to take care of internal control. This is where I got to know Fabienne and Jessica. I worked for this client for over 20 years, two days a week. As the company had a certain size, it was necessary to organize the accounting so that all the information was available as quickly as possible and to update the cash flow statements and decide on the tax optimization strategy: prepare an operations schedule, write procedures, organize document flows … as quickly as possible.

That’s when organizing finance and accounting became my passion! “

My favourite activity? Financial management!

Fabienne obtained her accounting degree from EPHEC in 2004, and began to work in the company that would become Frédéric’s client. “We worked together from 2005 to 2008, and it was a really great collaboration.” Fabienne then pursued her career in the world of large corporations. There, she developed her knowledge of financial management and cost accounting, which has fascinated her since her studies.

“More and more companies, even small SMEs or non-profit organizations, are beginning to realize the importance of having the tools to understand and analyze the evolution of their activity, establish realistic budgets, better manage their cash flow … General accounting is useful, but you already need a lot of knowledge to fully understand the annual accounts. For managers, financial tables and ratios are therefore essential tools. Developing these tools and helping our clients use them means we go beyond simply recording operations. We act as real advisers. “

Fabienne Lambert

Certified accountant and tax expert

Jessica Meng

Senior Accountant

The self-employed and SMEs are my thing!

Graduating in 2006, Jessica did her end-of-studies internship under the supervision of Fabienne. “This is where I also met Frédéric. We worked together a few years before our roads separated … to better meet today.”

From her career in the fiduciary sector, Jessica has gained a fine knowledge of the world of small SMEs and the self-employed. “I like the idea of being able to completely manage a file, to gain a real vision of the client’s activity. And since I am in the front row to help them organize themselves, I can also guide Frédéric on the avenues to explore with our clients to improve their management or optimize their taxation. “