Online Accounting

Have fully up-to-date accounting at all times.

Online Accounting

Have fully up-to-date accounting at all times.

You do not really know the situation of your business?

You only receive up-to-date accounts once a year: at the time of closing.

Too often, during the year, the accounting is limited to what is strictly necessary: entering a VAT declaration on time that is sufficiently close to reality. As a consequence, to have a balance sheet, you are reduced to waiting for the annual closing.

You are always under pressure when filing VAT returns.

It is too often when preparing this document that your accountant checks that he has all the supporting documents necessary to record your transactions for the period. Inevitably, it is missing items, and your employees need to search for them urgently.

You lack predictability on the inflow and outflow of money.

Without up-to-date accounting, it is difficult for you to get a clear idea of when your customers are supposed to pay you their bills, and to set aside provisions – or a loan – to meet the large payments to be made to you suppliers, to your suppliers. subcontractors or your employees.

Get a better picture!

Up-to-date accounting is a real management tool. It allows you to follow your profitability, to establish cash flow forecasts, to provision your VAT or your VAI, in short, to really take the reins of your business. What are you waiting for?

Lay the groundwork for sound management


Fast sending of your documents in digital form

Say goodbye to filing cabinets overflowing with documents. Scan your documents as you go, let your accountant download your scanned bank statements and reports from your social secretary and let him update your accounts.

Day-to-day monitoring by our teams

We have organized the work in such a way as to ask you for details as we go along. Less pressure for you and for us, and the guarantee of avoiding end of VAT period rushes.

Your up-to-date situation available online

No need to ask for a situation and wait for it for days or even weeks. You connect to our application, and you have access to a recent accounting situation – two weeks maximum – of your company.

Jean-Paul Knott, Designer and Stylist

The company has had a very precise chart of accounts for several years, but when Frédéric suggested we switch to online accounting, we didn’t hesitate for a moment. The data transfer didn’t require a lot of work, and the payoffs were quick and significant. We can now access an updated version of our accounting at any time. This tool allows us to compare and analyze the activity and sales of our different sites and quickly take the necessary decisions. In short, we have gained in time and efficiency!