Management consultancy

Take your operational and financial management to the next level

Management consultancy

Take your operational and financial management to the next level

You feel like your business is flying blind?

You have only a vague idea of the profitability of your products or your customers.

Should we direct sales towards a particular product? Is it appropriate to make an investment to meet the demands of this important client? Without a clear vision of your profitability, your decisions are quite dicey.

You don’t know if you performed as expected.

You spent time establishing a forecast budget. But how do you check that you are following the course you have set? In the absence of sufficiently up-to-date accounts, you will only have an idea at the mid-year close (in the best case).

You identify financial or fiscal opportunities too late.

You have no idea how much to spend on your advance payments? You would have liked to obtain or renegotiate certain credits, but you acted too late? Without knowing your results during the year, you have missed several opportunities to reduce your tax bill.

Take control!

Measuring is knowing. Equip yourself with management tools adapted to your company and your sector to get a complete picture of your performance and identify avenues to improve your financial processes and your operational performance.

Let’s improve the performance of your business together


A custom built dynamic dashboard and personalized advice

We draw up with you the list of indicators that are most relevant to assess the situation of your company. We then send you regular updates on these indicators, and we analyze them with you to study avenues for improvement.

A monitoring tool to improve your management

We set out your objectives in a forecast table which shows the expected development of your business month by month. You will then receive a monthly report comparing the actual results with the forecasts. We help you interpret the results and we suggest ways to stay the course, overcome any gaps or further improve the most encouraging results.

Suggestions to reduce your tax bill

Over time, we build a clearer vision of the results you can achieve at the end of the exercise. Thanks to these estimates, we can indicate to you the opportunities for tax deductions, suggest that you advance or delay certain investments, in short, optimize your tax bill.

Paul Emmanuel Reiffers, CEO of Mazarine International

Mazarine is an international communication agency present in Brussels, Paris, Shanghai and NY. We have chosen to structure and manage our international activity from Belgium. Frédéric’s team advised and supported us throughout the process, from the creation of our companies to the accounting and financial structuring. Today, he supports us in piloting by providing us with the dashboards and the elements we need to make our management decisions. He is responsive in pointing out opportunities to be seized and very rigorous in his management.