Administrative and Financial structuring

Control your accounting processes and find your peace of mind

Administrative and Financial structuring

Control your accounting processes and find your peace of mind

Do you feel like you’re losing your footing in the face of deadlines?

VAT deadlines put pressure on your teams

Gathering all the necessary documents to send to your accountant always proves to be more complicated and longer than anticipated. Consequence: stress and overtime accumulate and the work of your team suffers.

Your management initiatives come up against operational realities.

You want to take a closer look at the profitability of certain projects or certain clients, but you waste a lot of time and energy looking for or producing the information you need: inventory sheets not returned, delays in invoicing … . Result: sine die reports or botched reports.

You are too often caught off guard by your tax and bank accounts.

The amounts claimed by the VAT administration are higher than you thought, the balance payable in corporate tax is significantly higher than your advance payments and the payment of vacation pay and end year bonuses brings you its share of nasty surprises. So many symptoms of a lack of visibility which could prove to be damaging.

Take back control!

Together, we review your administrative and accounting processes to establish a deadline calendar and build clear procedures for your teams.

Result: you anticipate instead of reacting, and your accounting finally becomes a real management tool.

Together, let’s simplify your life and that of your teams

Concrete avenues to improve your situation

First, manage the emergency. We provide you with the advice and explanations you need to prioritize and meet the closest deadlines.

A roadmap to plan your activities

To govern is to foresee. This is why we provide you with a tailor-made schedule to organize your teams upstream of each internal, accounting or tax deadline.

A vade-mecum to organize your teams

To each their role. In addition to your roadmap, we are developing a practical guide detailing your administrative processes and responsibilities. An essential tool for your teams.

Marc Mayeur, CEO of Best of TV

In our sector of activity, it is crucial to know as quickly as possible the situation of our company and to have regularly updated management indicators. But for this, our accounting must be constantly up to date.

Frédéric helped us organize ourselves to manage. Not only did he draw up a clear and detailed schedule for us of the tasks to be carried out throughout the month, but above all, he helped our team to put in place efficient and reliable procedures so that no operation fell through!